Sanja Šćepanović is a research scientist at Bell Labs Cambridge in the Social Dynamics group led by Daniele Quercia, part of AAAID Lab. She completed her PhD at Aalto Univ., Finland in the Data Mining group led by Prof. Aristides Gionis. Her thesis was co-supervised by Prof. Pan Hui, and Prof. Jukka K. Nurminen. She researches health through social networks and mobile sensing, human mobility, and urban outcomes using remote sensing. She also holds a business and innovation degree from the EIT Digital Academy. During the PhD time, she visited CERN and TU Delft. She is also an alumna of International Space Univ. Her industry experiences include a startup in Silicon Valley, and ICEYE – a startup in Finland building the world’s first microsatellite SAR radar constellation.

Curriculum Vitae.