Our teams at total 12 partner institutions, including Aalto, TU Delft and KTH, are working together on the EU project CIVIS, to design a social smart energy application and platform.



On 13th of June 2015, EnergyUP will participate in the Helsinki OSCE days. OSCE days is a global event devoted to Open Source Circular Economy, happening in more than 30 cities all over the world, and we are happy and privileged to take part in it!
We are preparing a showcase demo and a user study for everyone interested to help us make this app useful for you.


CIVIS team during the OSCE days Helsinki 2015:

  • Rasmus Eskola
  • Srinivaasan Gayathri
  • Yuri Barssi
  • Andrea Vianello
  • Sanja Šćepanović

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In May 2015, we are selected for the finals of the Climate Launchpad competition in Finland. Among 12 finalists, we will pitch at the Finnish finals event on 8th of June, for taking our idea to the next level — the EU competition round.

In March 2015, we won the 2. place award with our solution in the behavior change category in the first Aalto Energy Efficiency competition.

About EnergyUP

Our work is focused on developing a social network solution (an app) for helping people to become aware of their energy actions and decisions, by visualizing consumption and comparing with others. The idea is that behavior change is fostered by small, often common, actions and challenges.

Currently we are investigating the existing research and practical approaches and prototyping our solutions using the lean approach with user test iterations. Thus we have iterated over several versions of our prototype.

The latest version, merged with the prototype developed by our partners from TU Delft, Yilin Huang and Prof. Martijn Warnier, is now available through:  PROTOTYPEv2.

Aalto CIVIS team:
TU Delft team:
  • Yilin Huang
  • Martijn Warnier
KTH team:
  • Hanna Hasselqvist
  • Filip Kiš
  • Cristian Bogdan
Trento team:
  • Daniele Miorandi
  • Giacomo Poderi

We presented a poster on EnergyUP (renamed now YouPower) at ICCSS conference:

Huang Y, Šćepanović S, Miorandi D, Warnier M and Brazier F (2015). Towards Smart Grid User Engagement Through Social Networking. ICCSS International Conference on Computational Social Science 8-11 June 2015.