Research Projects

Human Dynamics

In this project we analyzed mobile phone data to show how human mobility and communication correlate with socioeconomic factors. In other words, you might think that you move freely, but there seem to be hidden, general rules that you are obeying depending on your social and economic status, for instance.

Smart Energy Grid

In this cooperation project, with 12 partners, we developed a social energy app to help people improve their energy consumption and production practices. Overall, we investigated smart grid in residential setting for a more sustainable future and offered an ICT solution in that direction.

Social Networks

There are several subprojects under this one: homophily in online communication, happiness paradox in Twitter, and a multiplex network epidemic spreading model.

Web Cyber Security

We took part in Finnish CyberTrust project. F-Secure, the cyber security vendor, provided a Web crawl. We found insights on the malware distributions and properties on a large scale through analysis of the crawl.