Other Projects


In CIVIS research project, we developed YouPower app that helps people to track their energy practices. Through a set of recommended actions, the app guides people towards more sustainable energy prosumption (consumption and production).

Space Big Data

I was the Teaching Associate (TA) for Space Big Data during Space Studies Summer Program 2016 (SSP16). SSP16 took place at Israel Institute of Technology, Technion in Haifa. With Prof. Barak Fishbain and Daniel Brack, we supported a team of 30 people from over 10 countries who produced a team report on the topic and eventually presented the results at  67th International Astronautical Congress (IAC)  in Guadalajara, Mexico. Space Big Data team is also mentioned in this Motherboard article.


I co-organized two hackathons at Aalto Univ. in Helsinki: Aalto Data Science hackathon and Green Campus hackathon.

Space Day in Montenegro

With several other members from the Organisation of Montenegrins Studying Abroad, OMSA, we organized of the Space Day 2013 in Montenegro. In cooperation with the Ministry of Science, we invited young experts in the space domain, to speak at a TED like event. Our event was part of annual Open Science Days.

One Young World Summit

I represented Montenegro as delegate at OYW 2014 summit in Dublin, Ireland. The original blogpost (in Serbian) about this experience is posted at the website of the Organisation of Montenegrins Studying Abroad, an NGO that I am involved with.